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About BBSF

     Formed in 1999, the Bellport Bay Sailing Foundation, Inc. teaches the sport of sailing to children and adults, encourages the broadest possible participation in the sport by residents surrounding Bellport Bay, generates additional interest in the sport by conducting sailing competitions and supports preservation of the environment and nautical heritage of Bellport Bay.

     The BBSF youth sailing program is open to the general public and draws its participants principally from communities near Bellport Bay.  Sailing lessons are offered beginning in late June and ending in mid-August, are modest in cost and range in difficulty from basics for beginners to advanced racing techniques. The more advanced BBSF sailors participate in junior regattas organized by the Great South Bay Yacht Racing Association and held throughout the summer at various locations on the Great South Bay.

Mission Statement

     The Foundation was incorporated in 1999 to promote an awareness of the long and rich sailing tradition on Bellport Bay and to encourage the continuation of these activities and the preservation of the unique environment of the area.

Primary Goals

Primary Goals are:

- Teach sailing to children and adults

- Preserve the nautical heritage of Bellport Bay

- Impart a love of and enthusiasm for sailing

- Encourage ecologically safe boating

- Conduct and foster sailing competitions among young and old

- Foster standards of ethical sailing competition

- Help advance sailing program management and instructional skills

Activities Include:

Activities include:

- Running summer sailing programs focused on beginner, intermediate and advanced levels

- Maintaining and supporting sail boats and safety boats for programs

- Developing curricula for sailing programs

- Providing opportunities for instructor development 

Trustees and Officers

The nine member Board of Trustees consist of the Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore and two immediate Past Commodores of the Bellport Bay Yacht Club plus four at-large Trustees appointed by the Board of Directors of the Bellport Bay Yacht Club to rolling two year terms. The President and Vice President are appointed by the Board of Trustees at the annual meeting.

Officers and Board Members


Jonathan Pokorny, President and Trustee; Elizabeth Callender, Vice President and Trustee; Virginia A. Everitt, Treasurer; and 

Tammie Mentzel, Secretary

Board Members:

Eric Everitt, Commodore of BBYC;

Brooks Dermont, Vice-Commodore of BBYC;

Zach Motl, Rear-Commodore of BBYC;

Howie Meyers, former Commodore of BBYC;

Johnny Everitt, former Commodore of BBYC

and Hank Maust

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