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Bellport, NY  11713



Registration for 2019 will open

at 9:30 a.m. on 

Monday, March 18th.

Our first day of 2019 Sailing will be Monday, July 1st.

Mercury Session I will run from July 1st through July 23rd.  Session II will run from July 24th through Thursday, August 15th. No classes on July 4th. Opti, Laser and 420 Classes are 7 week programs which operate from July 1st through August 15th.

Returning BBSF Sailors MUST register 

for the class and time for which they 

were recommended.  Emails will be sent in early February confirming those recommendations.  

All new sailors must begin in our Mercury program. Six to 8 year olds should register for the 8-10 am class. Nine to 11 year olds are best suited for the 10 am to 12 pm class. Finally, teen beginners may register for the 1 to 4 pm Mercury Class. 

If your child is an experienced sailor, but new 

to BBSF, please email [email protected] 

The more information you can provide to the 

registrar about your child's previous sailing 

experience, the better we will be able to ascertain 

which program and time slot will be most appropriate.

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Optis Launching

Teens on a 420