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About Our Lessons and Boats

The Bellport Bay Sailing Foundation (BBSF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to community sailing instruction.Housed at the Bellport Bay Yacht Club, our summer youth programs are open to sailors between the ages of 6 and 17. You do not need to be a member of the yacht club or a Bellport village resident to participate. 

All classes meet Monday through Thursday. 

Private lessons for adults and children are available upon request.

We offer a safe, fun-filled program for children as young as six years old. Young sailors learn self-reliance and responsibility -- all while having a wonderful time in the great outdoors! 


It is vital for their success for young sailors to be in the class that best fits their size and skills. 

Safety is always our highest priority.  For this reason, we cannot allow children to sail in classes for which they are not adequately prepared. Our instructors base their recommendations for placement on a number of factors, and while occasionally exceptions are made (usually due to growth spurts over the school year) we ask that you register for the class that was recommended to you. 

If your child has learned to sail at a different location, please contact the registrar for guidance on the proper class for their experience.


Children new to sailing always start in a Mercury sailboat pictured below.

Sailors can choose to attend Session 1, Session 2, or both sessions at a discounted price.   We offer 3 different time slots which depend on experience and age.  As always, you can contact the registrar with any questions about which class is best for your child.


Our Opti program runs Monday through Thursday and is a 7 week session.  Because they will be sailing by themselves, children must have significant previous sailing experience to participate.  There are three different time slots for opti sailors.  Placement is based on experience as well as physical body size and abilities.  We have a limited number of club boats available for students to use and a limited number of rack spaces for those who have their own opti.

The optimist is sailed around the globe by children ages 8-15. Since this is the best boat for young people to improve sailing skills, we encourage children up to age 15 to continue racing their Optimists as long as possible. There is good competition on the Great South Bay and across the country in the Optimist Class.  The top sailors compete in the opti until they age out (officially the end of the calendar year in which they turn 15) or until they no longer fit comfortably in the boat (usually over 5'2" and over 115-120 pounds.)


This year we are introducing an Intro to Laser Racing class for experienced sailors looking to learn single-handed racing techniques.  The Laser program will run Monday through Thursday and is a 7 week session.



This is a high school and college racing boat. When your teen is over 5'3" and weighs approximately 115-120 pounds, it may be time to move onto a double-handed 420.  All 420 sailors should be seasoned racers with several years of experience.  We have a limited number of 420s available for class use. We also have some spaces 'on the pad' for boat owners. Please note that space for both club boats and privately owned boats is limited. Therefore, class size must be limited as well. Like the opti, the 420 class runs 7 weeks.


The 1-4 Opti and 420 classes are Intro to Racing classes.  It is expected that sailors will compete in most of the Wednesday night races at the dock and be willing to attend some Friday regattas at yacht clubs across the south shore.  

Race Teams meet from 10 am to 4 pm with a lunch break (unsupervised) from noon until 1 pm.  The race teams compete in some weekend regattas across the south shore as well as some Friday junior regattas.  Opti Race Team sailors must own their own boat and dolly.  420 Race Team members must register as a team (skipper and crew) and one of the participants must own a 420 and dolly.  

Our race teams consistently dominate racing across the Great South Bay. Our sailors have gone on to compete not only across the country, but also internationally.


Don't just let the kids have fun! BBSF also offers an introduction to sailing for Adults. Classes are scheduled for Tuesdays at 6:00 p.m. and Saturdays at 9:00 a.m.  Click here for more information. 




Formed in 1999, the Bellport Bay Sailing Foundation, Inc. teaches the sport of sailing to children and adults, encourages the broadest possible participation in the sport by residents surrounding Bellport Bay, generates additional interest in the sport by conducting sailing competitions and supports preservation of the environment and nautical heritage of Bellport Bay.

The BBSF youth sailing program is open to the general public and draws its participants principally from communities near Bellport Bay.  Sailing lessons are offered beginning in late June and ending in mid-August, are modest in cost and range in difficulty from basics for beginners to advanced racing techniques. The more advances BBSF sailors participate in junior regattas organized by the Great South Bay Yacht Racing Association and held throughout the summer at various locations on the Great South Bay.

Mission Statement

The Foundation was incorporated in 1999 to promote an awareness of the long and rich sailing tradition on Bellport Bay and to encourage the continuation of these activities and the preservation of the unique environment of the area.

Primary Goals are:

- Teach sailing to children and adults

- Preserve the nautical heritage of Bellport Bay

- Impart a love of and enthusiasm for sailing

- Encourage ecologically safe boating

- Conduct and foster sailing competitions among young and old

- Foster standards of ethical sailing competition

- Help advance sailing program management and instructional skills

Activities include:

- Running summer sailing programs focused on beginner, intermediate and advanced levels

- Maintaining and supporting sail boats and safety boats for programs

- Developing curricula for sailing programs

- Providing opportunities for instructor development 

Funding sources:

- Tuition payments

- Donations 

- Grants

- Volunteering

Trustees and Officers

The nine Board of Trustees consist of the Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore and two immediate Past Commodores of the Bellport Bay Yacht Club plus four at-large Trustees appointed by the Board of Directors of the Bellport Bay Yacht Club to rolling two year terms. The President and Vice President are appointed by the Board of Trustees at the annual meeting.

Officers and Board Members

Officers: Jonathan Pokorny, President and Trustee; Elizabeth Callender, Vice President and Trustee; Virginia A. Everitt, Treasurer; and Bernadette Slovensky, Secretary

Board Members:

Johnny Everett, Commodore of BBYC;

Howie Meyers, Vice-Commodore of BBYC;

Eric Everitt, Rear Commodore of BBYC;

Gerard Holker, former Commodore of BBYC;

Elaine Conlin, former Commodore of BBYC;

Karen Blumenthal; and Hank Maust

For more information on the Bellport Bay Yacht Club, please click here.